What it isn't

Prayer is not demanding. Prayer is not listening. Prayer is not passive. Prayer is not repeating what others have said.

What it is

Prayer is talking to God. It includes and involves many kinds of communication with Him. As you read Scripture, you respond with prayer.

What it could be

Would you like to express your feelings to God better? Would you like to be more exact in your prayer? Would you like to make sure your prayers are Biblical? The website can help you accomplish these goals.

Prayer Sources

A compilation of prayer helps to get you started and to help your prayer life be richer.


Daily Prayer

Rich Sources for daily prayer and reading of the Word. Come join with us!

Monday Morning
Monday Evening
Tuesday Morning
Tuesday Evening
Wednesday Morning
Wednesday Evening
Thursday Morning
Daily Pattern



Prayer Retreat

Host a prayer retreat about the salvation God has provided us. This is set up for a group of people with one leading. It includes four sections: Who God is, what we are looking forward to, Scripture reading a sermon and a catechism response, folowed by a time of praise.

Prayer Retreat