An International Bible Teaching Ministry to the Chinese World

Bible College Teaching
  • Adjunct Lectureship
  • Bible College Promotion

As our Bible college has matured--it now is legally registered and has a local pastor as its president--I have been able to take a smaller role. I still keep in close contact and teach short-term classes as necessary. Our graduates (and some present students) are actively involved in their local churches, some planting new churches and some pastoring the churches that missionaries have started.

Please pray for Bible college graduates of the various places I have taught:
  • Stephen and Esther--Pastoring a church in Taiwan and teaching Bible seminars in China
  • Timothy and Carol--Working in a Christian rehabilitation organization
  • Luke--Pastoring a church in Taiwan and starting a home for disadvantaged children
  • Mavis, Lucy, Gloria--Christian housewives and mothers
  • Christian and Judy--Administering a Christian School