Moving to China?

If you or someone you know is moving to China to minister, I would recommend that you take the following materials along:

  1. Go to the website and download as much as you can into your laptop so that you won't need to download materials after you arrive in China.
  2. Get the Chinese Treasures CD
  3. Get the China Christian Books CD
  4. Get the First Light CD which has 120 books on it.
  5. Because the Chinese edition of the Source of Light discipleship materials are on the website in #1, you can get the English copies in the US from the head office to help you in teaching them in China.
  6. Because the book "Firm Foundations" can be purchased in Chinese legally in China, it is a very helpful series to use with non-believers or new believers. However, I recommend that you buy the English copy before you go. You can get it from New Tribes Mission. The high expense is worth the value. (Note, it is legal for you to own the English copy in China. It is legal for your Chinese friends to own the Chinese copy in China.)
  7. I recommend that you purchase the English copy of Alban Douglas' 100 Bible Lessons. Once you get to China, I can have my contact in Beijing mail a copy of the Chinese edition (electronic version) to you. These are helpful discipleship materials. If you ever need to give a Bible lesson, it would be super if you had the English copy to prepare from--and you could hand out the Chinese outline for people to follow--even if you are sharing in English.

    Of course, if you have a ministry to Chinese people in America, you can use all of these except #7. We don't have permission yet for #7 to be copied freely in the US.